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Innovation is key to business improvement; Supply Chain Planning and Logistics are no exception. To meet ever-changing consumer demands, organisations must continually optimise the productivity of their demand and supply network due to global competition and new product and services introduction. Logistics services are also being drastically transformed through mobility, connectivity and the impact of Internet of Things is already very visible and quickly growing.

Leveraging modern technologies helps simplify processes, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, develop new offerings, and provide greater control over your supply chain and logistics services.

The guests speaking on this one-day conference will share their vision where the modern supply chains will bring us and what role the new technology will play.

This conference is open to all, pending your registration confirmation. The location is the Oracle office in Utrecht. For more details on the agenda, click here.

This state-of-the-art conference presents how and how quickly companies can benefit from these solutions through detailed presentations and case studies.
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Internet Of Things and Blockchain
  • Change Management

Conference attendees are experts, managers, directors and executives who are in charge of transformations in Supply Chain Planning and Logistics. They come from the business side (Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics), but also from the IT side (CIO, Technical IT) and Finance (CFO).

Our speakers

All speakers are international experts in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Event schedule

Tino Scholman - Oracle

The digital revolution already impacts a lot, in many businesses. And it will impact any process piece in any business, drastically and often brutally. This presentation will present some of the disruptive changes to expect in consumer interaction through examples directly related to Supply Chain and Logistics domains.
Jeroen van den Berg

This presentation will focus on Warehouse management and Logistics with several perspectives on innovation in those domains. What are the effective technologies that need to be prioritized? What are the successful plans to be developed? What is the impact on the business models in place and what are the new ones to implement? How to manage those disruptive changes internally, with your customers and suppliers?
Glen Campbell - Inspirage

Case studies presented in this session illustrate how companies in different maturity levels have improved their capabilities and managed to climb up the S&OP maturity ladder. In this hands on presentation, we refer to the five-stage Gartner model of S&OP maturity in order to show what tools and activity have proven successful.
Eric van den Born - Inspirage

NOBIA is Europe's leading kitchen specialist with some 20 strong brands, of which Bribus Keukens in the Netherlands. NOBIA recently decided to transform completely their Logistics management using Oracle Cloud Logistics. This presentation explains the background of this decision, the new business objectives and the key milestones of this transformational project executed with Inspirage.
Florian Vreeburg - KVSA B.V. | Loek Hassing - Oracle

Blockchain projects are being implemented in several ports across the Benelux as Blockchain can enable a smooth logistics process, with shifts in ownership and the transfer of goods, even in currently unlikely situations. After a quick review of those projects, this session will present the project started by the Port of Amsterdam authorities.
Ludwig Avonts - Oracle

For most companies that do business in Europe, managing the financial consequences of cross-border material flows (within the European Union or outside) are always a challenge. Not only for creating the right intercompany invoices, but also to pick up the right VAT rate for the commercial and intercompany transactions. Being compliant with VAT regulations is a major concern. Examples of flows are ABC-deliveries and Principal Business Models. Financial Orchestration Cloud in combination with the Tax Engine from Finance Cloud provide a flexible solution to handle this kind of situations in an easy manner. OFFICE DEPOT is currently implementing this solution on top of their Financials Cloud implementation. Based on this example, the general principles and solution will be explained.
Denis Senpere - Inspirage

In each industry segment, there are leaders who combine vision, growth strategies and flawless execution. They are not afraid of disruption; they build on disruption and embrace supportive technologies. Their market shares are growing ; so there is no time to lose for the other players. This session will give Inspirage-led examples on how you can be inspired by those leaders then prepare, transform and expand your business using smart supply chain and logistics.

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