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Innovation is key to business improvement; supply chain planning and logistics are no exception. To meet ever-changing consumer demands, organisations must continually optimise the productivity of their demand and supply network due to global competition and new product and services introduction. Logistics services are also being drastically transformed through mobility, connectivity and the impact of Internet of Things is already very visible and quickly growing.

Leveraging modern technologies helps simplify processes, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide greater control over your supply chain and logistics services. Organisations who adopt those modern practices that are flexible, account for disruptions, and support scalability for growth are the ones who will succeed in the long run.

Thanks to two keynotes from Professor Jan Stentoft from
University of Southern Denmark
and from NOBIA AB logistics team (well know in Denmark for their HTH and Invita kitchen brands), we will explore real world examples and use cases on how advanced companies take their supply chain planning and logistics management to the next level. We will discuss the role of technology in these transitions and provide practical guidance on successful ways for utilising and deploying technology. In the afternoon workshops, we will deep dive in those modern solutions that can be implemented with any ERP backbone.

This conference is open to all, pending your registration confirmation. Located in the Vejle Golf Club, the event starts with a plenary session in the morning developing key strategies, followed by two parallel tracks, workshop-style, in the afternoon: one for Supply Chain Planning (incl. S&OP) and one for Logistics (incl. Warehouse and Transportation). For more details on the agenda, click here.

This state-of-the-art conference presents how (and how quickly) companies can benefit from these solutions through detailed case studies, demonstrations and interactive workshops.
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Internet Of Things and Blockchain
  • Change Management

Conference attendees are Experts, Managers, Directors and Executives who are in charge of introducing and supporting transformational approaches for Supply Chain Planning and Logistics. They come from the Business side (Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics), from the IT side (CIO, Technical IT) and from Finance (CFO).

Our case studies come from discrete manufacturing, lifesciences, retail, consumer goods and services industries.

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Our speakers

All speakers are international experts in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Event schedule

Lionel Albert - Oracle

Changing market conditions, pressure on efficiency and service levels, combined with new approaches made possible with Internet of Things, 3D printers, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, oblige companies to modernise their supply chain and logistics processes. This session presents Oracle strategy to meet those challenges.
Denis Senpere - Inspirage

Inspirage is the integrated supply chain specialist company and also the largest global consulting practice in the Oracle environment. This session will present how Inspirage has built over the last 10 years an approach to help companies prepare, implement and deploy successfully Supply Chain Planning and Logistics transformational solutions into multiple industries.
The Nobia AB Logistics team

NOBIA recently decided to transform completely their Logistics management using Oracle Cloud Logistics. This presentation explains the background of this decision, the new business objectives and the key milestones of this transformational project executed with Inspirage.
Professor Jan Stentoft - University of Southern Denmark

Globalization has forced companies to reengineer their Sales & Operations Planning strategies to support the required dynamics, optilmization and predictive analysis for their demand and supply network. Based on practical industry experience and advanced research, this session will help you setting your own way to excellence in modern S&OP.
Eric Prevost - Oracle

Building the connected warehouse is a milestone in maximising warehouse efficiency, and positioning a company to decisively navigate changes across the supply chain. This presentation will show how real-time data intelligence delivers the visibility and control needed to effect measurable improvements across the entire extended supply chain.
Time Sessions Speakers Details
13:30-14:10 Integrated Business Planning is the new norm Denis Senpere - Inspirage Sales and Operations planning (S&OP), the cross-functional process to align the commercial processes of sales and marketing with the operational processes of supply, is having a renaissance. It is not a new process. Companies have worked on these processes for over 35 years; but only few succeed. Why is it so hard?
14:10-14:50 Modern Supply Chain Planning Lionel Albert and Ralph van Toor - Oracle This presentation is built on a "day in a life" scenario for Sales & Operation Planning, using a live support of the Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud solution.
14:50-15:30 Return of experience/Industrial case studies Dean Jones - Inspirage We will present case studies which illustrate how companies in different maturity levels have improved their capabilities and managed to climb up the S&OP maturity ladder. In this hands on presentation, we refer to the five-stage Gartner model of S&OP maturity in order to show what tools and activity have proven successful.
Time Sessions Speakers Details
13:30-14:10 Modern Warehouse Management Dominic Regan – Oracle Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud introduces a new paradigm in supply chain execution solutions with robust extended warehouse management at significantly lower total cost of ownership. The session will demonstrate its innovative capabilities, mobile solutions and an easy to use browser interface, and show through advanced case studies how it is easily configurable for rapid implementation that evolves with your business.
14:10-14:50 Modern Transportation Management Eric van den Born and Lourens Andriesse – Inspirage Today’s organisations need sophisticated transportation management systems that span multiple modes, with integrated planning, freight sourcing, procurement, performance management, freight payment, mobility and audit capabilities. The session will demonstrate how powerful and flexible this market leading solution is and explore through advanced case studies how logistics professionals have streamlined and transformed their transportation management operations.
14:50-15:30 Connected Freight Dominic Regan and Eric Prévost – Oracle When you ship high-risk goods, you care about deep and permanent insight about your freight throughout its journey, down to the package level. This session will present how your goods are continuously monitored and analysed so that you can act fast in case of an issue, protect the required part of the freight and dispatch repairs or replacements if needed. The use of predictive analytics will be explained with real-life examples.

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