Session 1 (10:00 - 11:30 am)

Logistics Cloud Track:

Inspirage and LogFire: A Comprehensive

SCM Cloud Solution

This session will share how Inspirage can provide a comprehensive logistics solution including Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Global Trade Management and LogFire Warehouse Management System (WMS) – all in the Cloud. The exciting news that Oracle acquired LogFire in September provides the final piece of the supply chain puzzle in the Oracle SCM Cloud ecosystem. Inspirage is one of the only Oracle Specialized Partners with an active LogFire practice. We have already incorporated LogFire WMS – which can be deployed with OTM or independently in as little as 3 months – into our Rapid Value arsenal.

Practical Introduction to Oracle
Global Trade Management Cloud

This session will provide trade compliance professionals with an in-depth review of Oracle’s Global Trade Management solution. The course will cover key features and capabilities of an automated trade platform for both import and export programs. In addition, the session will cover key operational areas such as classification, screening, customs filing, content management, license management, document determination, and landed cost calculation. The session will also provide an overview of the new features in the latest version of GTM.

Prerequisites: This course assumes global trade knowledge, but no prior experience with GTM.

Innovation Management /
PLM Cloud Track:

iHub for IM - Loving Your Integration Platform

The corporate application integration platform is a key component to driving business benefits, enhancing data quality and increasing productivity. This session will explore key integration challenges and how iHub for IM addresses each while providing an integration platform that is easy to implement, administer and enhance. We will also cover additional integration benefits, such as working with part content providers (IHS, TPP, etc.,) FDA data submissions and integrating Oracle Cloud and on-premises applications.

SCM Cloud Track:

Next Generation Manufacturing

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud suite includes a complete, end-to-end solution for manufacturing and materials management. In this session, we will provide an overview of the new capabilities available in Oracle SCM Cloud Release 11 including insight into how these Oracle cloud solutions enable a faster more agile enterprise. The Oracle solution supports the complete product lifecycle from product inception through product development, product planning, manufacturing, materials management, and order management and fulfillment. If your company is involved with manufacturing and materials management, you do not want to miss this session as it focused on core manufacturing capabilities in Oracle SCM Cloud.

We will also review the Inspirage Cloud Rapid Deployment methodology based upon industry standard process flows and preconfigured analytics and how to rapidly and successfully deploy the solution for maximum ROI. This session will conclue with a brief sample demonstration of the inventory and manufacturing applications.

Session 2 (12:30 - 2:00 pm)

Logistics Cloud Track:

Practical Introduction to Oracle
Transportation Management Cloud

Please join Inspirage for an in-depth review of Oracle Transportation Management. This course – organized as an operational ‘day in the life’ – will introduce transportation professionals to key features and capabilities that can reduce transportation cost and improve visibility. Inbound and outbound scenarios will be discussed, as well as multi-mode, multi-leg delivery scenarios. In addition, you will be introduced to many of OTM’s capabilities around user-specific roles, workflow, and event management in the latest version of OTM. Prerequisites: This course assumes transportation business knowledge, but no prior experience with OTM.

Practical Introduction to Oracle
Order Management

This session – organized as an operational ‘day in the life’ – will provide customer service, fulfillment, and distribution professionals with an in-depth review of Oracle’s Order Management solution. The course will cover key features and capabilities, including pricing, order configuration, supply visibility, and order promising. Order orchestration for multi-channel scenarios will also be covered.

Prerequisites: This course assumes operational experience with order management and fulfillment processes, but no prior experience with Oracle OM Cloud.

Innovation Management /
PLM Cloud Track:

Product Data Integrity with Cloud PH &
Customer Data Integrity with Cloud
Customer Data Management

This session will discuss the out of the box solution developed by Inspirage which establishes data integrity with Cloud Product Hub. The session will begin with a brief overview of Cloud Product Hub and will then discuss key use cases to cleanse, standardize and normalize the product data.

Additionally, we will dive into Oracle Cloud Customer Data Management solution, uncovering the leading approach to implement Cloud CDM. Attendees will see data quality checks first hand, plus customer data use cases and key features such as Customer Relationships, Customer Categorization and Source System Management.

SCM Cloud Track:

Next Generation Planning Central: Oracle
Cloud Capabilities and Co-existence Strategies

Oracle Planning Central provides a modern and complete planning cloud solution that unifies forecasting, inventory and supply planning to effectively and interactively balance demand and supply. In this session, we’ll provide a demonstration of the planning capabilities available in Oracle SCM Cloud Release 11, with insight into how this Oracle cloud solution enables a faster, more agile enterprise. The Oracle Cloud Planning Central solution supports complete end-to-end Supply Chain Planning, utilizing Oracle’s new Cloud user experience (UX) design which emphasizes easy-to-use embedded analytics, exception-based presentations with drill-downs, and role-based views.

In this session, we will focus on how planners become more productive with Oracle Planning Central, through improved monitoring of planning performance and quicker mitigation of potential supply disruptions from changed demand. A demonstration of the Planning Central application will explore Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, and Supply Planning scenarios, highlighting the powerful analytics and visibility that the application offers. We’ll conclude with a discussion on the various co-existence possibilities of Planning Central with on-premises solutions.

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